Shameless Season 10 Episode 6

Marty ends up making a life-changing decision and asks Kelly to marry him. Kelly later finds a letter to Marty from his children in Spain and she ends up calling the wedding off. Jamie’s evasive behaviour begins to make Karen feel suspicious. After seeing a flirty text, Karen worries that Jamie is cheating on her and she turns to Gloria for help unaware that she is the other woman. Lillian has a vision, but can’t decipher its meaning.


Karen suspects Jamie is cheating after discovering a flirty text on his phone and turns to Gloria for help, unaware she is the other woman. Marty proposes to Kelly and she accepts, but calls the wedding off after finding a letter to her fiance from his children in Spain. Meanwhile, Lillian has a vision, but is unable to decipher its meaning.


At the moment the official videos are exclusive to those who live in the United States. Only one source, Seesaw allows people from outside of the United States to watch the videos – but this is a paid service

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